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2015-12-18     What happened to the Viking settlement of Greenland?    Iceland Magazine
New research shows cooling weather not a factor.

2015-12-14     Hvorfor skjedde egentlig vikingtiden?    Historieblogg
Vikingtiden kjennetegnes blant annet av at folk fra Skandinavia reiste ut.

2015-11-25     10 Things You Should Know About Vikings And Their Warfare    Realm of History
There is more to the fascinating scope of Viking warfare than just shooing away the misconception about their horned-helmets.

2015-11-12     139 Old Norse Words That Invaded The English Language    Babbel Magazine
Without the Vikings, English would be missing some awesome words like berserk, ugly, muck, skull, knife, die, and cake!

2015-11-05     Viking longhouse discovered in East Iceland    Iceland Monitor
Archeological excavations have pointed to the discovery of a Viking longhouse from the age of settlement in Iceland in Stöð, Stöðvarfjörður in East Iceland.

2015-11-05     Archaeologists believe the old Viking farmstead at Stöð in Stöðvarfjörður is found    Iceland Magazine
An excavation taking place in Fjarðabyggð, east Iceland, has led archaeologists to believe that they have found the old Viking farmstead at Stöð in Stöðvarfjörður fjord. Stöð is where the Vikings first settled in the Eastfjords.

2015-10-29     Nye foto kan avsløre om dette var Norges største sjøslag    Bergens Tidende
2500 menn skal ha blitt drept i slaget ved Florvåg i 1194. Nå er havbunnen under fotografert i detalj av Kartverket.

2017-10-28     Hiker Accidentally Discovers 1,200-Year-Old Viking Sword in Norway Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/while-hiking-man-finds-viking-sword-180957068/    Smithsonian
The wrought iron weapon is an extraordinary find.

2015-10-27     ”Omøskatten” - Omø på vikingetidens landkort    Museum Vest-Sjælland
Stor sølvskat fra Svend Tveskægs tid fundet på Omøs Enghavegård.

2015-10-27     Do You Have Viking Blood?    C.J Adrien
A recent study in the Orkneys found that the local population’s belief that their ancestry stemmed back to Ireland was in fact wrong. Instead, most of the island’s population are of Norse heritage genetically.

2015-10-22     Will Mead be Medicine’s Next Antibiotic?    AleHorn
A group of scientists in Sweden is brewing mead they say will help fight against antibiotic resistance. Honey Hunter’s Elixir is technically a new type of mead, but there aren’t many drinks out there that are older – the ancient honey brew has been around for over 2600 years.

2015-10-20     Snublet over 1.200 år gammelt vikingsverd    NRK
Et over 1.200 år gammelt vikingsverd er funnet på Haukeli. – Det er i så god stand at det kunne blitt brukt i dag, sier arkeolog.

2015-10-13     The History of the Norse settlements in Ireland during the Viking Age    The Dockyards
During the late part of the 8th century the Norsemen commenced to set sail from Britain to Ireland and starting from the mid 9th century they built significant settlements that will later on evolve into modern day Dublin, Limerick or Cork.

2015-10-11     The event which triggered the Viking Age    The Dockyards
The major historical event which is known to have triggered the start of the Viking Age was the raid that took place at the monastery of Lindisfarne located on an island less than one mile off the coast of northern England.

2015-10-10     Vad använde vikingarna sitt silver till?    Svenska Dagbladet
Idag tar jag mig an ännu en fråga om vikingatidens pengar och rikedomar. Visst, vi hade ingen penningekonomi under epoken, men nog tog handelsmän och plundrare hem mycket silver till Norden?

2015-10-09     Fyrsta føroyska víkingaskipið byggjast í fullari stødd    Hvannrók
Hugskotið at byggja eitt føroyskt víkingaskip stavar frá Víkingadøgunum, sum vera fyriskipaðir í Hovi. Øll Norðurlondini eiga eitt ella fleiri víkingaskip, og verða nú øll segl sett, so føroyingar eisini koma at eiga eitt víkingaskip.

2015-10-07     The riddle of Odin's ravens    Old European Culture
Odin had two ravens named Huginn (Old Norse “thought”) and Muninn (Old Norse “mind”).

2015-09-28     Viking Chief Tore Hund and his successful resistance against Christian conversion    Ancient Origins
When Christians made their theological push into Europe, suppressing native religions and supplanting them with a foreign God, some pagans resisted by secretly practicing their old religion, while others resisted by meeting force with force.

2015-09-26     New Study On The Use Of Imported Objects In Viking Age Scandinavia    Heritage Daily
From A Scandinavian Perspective, The Viking Age (Ca. 800 To 1050) Was A Time Of Increased Contact With Other Countries.

2015-09-25     Vikingenes Krigslist Knuste Fienden    Side3
Når vikingene dro ut for å plyndre og massakrere på fremmed jord, skjedde det ikke i en spontan og tilfeldig blodrus.

2015-09-25     Vikingatida kvinnor begravda med vapen    Kvinnliga Krigare
Kvinnor begravdes med vapen under både vikingatiden och tidigare perioder, men kan vi veta om de använde dem i strid?

2015-09-17     Norway Again Embraces the Vikings, Minus the Violence    NY Times
SELJORD, Norway — Jeppe Nordmann Garly has for years been a “recreational Viking,”

2015-09-17     What did the Vikings look like?    Jorvik Viking Centre
Contemporary writings give us few clues about what the people of the Viking world actually looked like.

2015-09-12     The Voyages of the Vikings    The Dockyards
During the Viking Age of Discoveries (that took place between 793-1066 CE), the Norsemen explored, traded and established colonies throughout many locations in both mainland Europe and overseas.

2015-09-10     Viking Age Equipment    The Dockyards
The most veridic sources of information about the weapons and armours used on the battlefield by the Norsemen stem mostly from the Icelandic sagas from the 13th century, the skaldic poems, various artistic depictions, as well as several archaeological findings.

2015-09-08     Vips! Så er du tilbake til vikingtiden    NRK
Høvding Per Øyvind Sørebø Gulliksen har i flere år jobbet med å bygge opp det som til slutt skal bli et vikingsamfunn.

2015-09-08     Dette forteller dørene om vikingtida    forskning.no
Døren hadde en spesiell betydning i vikingenes hverdagsliv.

2015-09-07     Norway to Build a New Viking Age Museum    The Nordic Page
Ministry of Education Research announce international architectural competition for the future Viking Age Museum at Bygdøy in Oslo.

2015-08-28     Hiker stumbles upon ‘extraordinary’ 1,200-year-old Viking sword    The Guardian
After more than a millennium buried in the snow of Norway’s mountains, a surprisingly well-preserved sword sheds light on the Viking age.

2015-08-25     Viking Textiles - A deeper look at plaids, stripes and checks    A Wandering Elf
One question that often comes up on message boards is whether or not plaids are appropriate for a Viking reenactor.

2015-08-19     To stokkebåter fra Øvre Eiker datert til vikingtid    Norsk Maritimt Museum
To stokkebåter fra innsjøen Junger i Øvre Eiker kommune er datert til vikingtid. Dette er andre gang i Norge det er påvist to stokkebåter fra vikingtid og eldre i samme innsjø.

2015-08-14     Forskere diskuterer, om vikinger var fremsynede    Jyllandsposten
Vikingerne tænkte 100 år frem i tiden og plantede egetræer, der skulle bruges til store byggerier, lyder en tese fra flere forskere.

2015-08-10     Archaeologists Find Viking Families Among Skeletons in Northern Iceland    Forbes
On a small, out-of-the-way farm called Hofstaðir in northern Iceland, archaeologists have recovered over one hundred skeletons that are helping to rewrite our understanding of the Viking Age and medieval population of the island.

2015-08-10     Archaeologists discover a cave believed to have been occupied by a Viking Age outlaw    Iceland Magazine
Cave explorers in the Neshraun lava field on Snæfellsnes peninsula recently discovered a cave with archaeological remains which are believed to be 900 year old.

2015-08-01     The dialect of English which was shaped by the Vikings    The Dockyards
The Northumbrian dialect is an extinct dialect of the English language.

2015-07-28     Vinland Sagas ‘Oral Maps’ Push Depth Of Norse Exploration into Quebec and Ontario    LAVALHALLALUJAH!
After two and a half+ years of research, deciphering, site visits and landmark and ley-of-the-land ‘exploration’ via google maps, flash earth and panoramio photos (indispensable), I am pleased to present the first (sneak peek) copies of my just completed Maps of the newly interpreted Vinland Sagas.

2015-07-27     New research on the causes of the Viking Age    Science Daily
The Viking hit-and-run raids on monastic communities such as Lindisfarne and Iona were the most infamous result of burgeoning Scandinavian maritime prowess in the closing years of the Eighth Century.

2016-07-22     Nye svar fra Kaupang    forskning.no
Flere utgravninger har vist at det på 800- og 900-tallet e.Kr. foregikk det omfattende handels- og håndverksvirksomhet på Kaupang i Vestfold. I 2015 blir det foretatt en ny utgravning.

2015-07-15     A unique Viking sword goes on display for the first time since its discovery    Past Horizons
A sword was found in Langeid, Bygland (Setesdal, S. Norway) in 2011. It is a unique sword from the late Viking Age, embellished with gold, inscriptions and other ornamentation.

2015-06-17     Jaktar på viking-DNA i Normandie    NRK
Forskarar vil kartlegge viking- kolonisering ved hjelp av DNA.

2015-06-16     Hunt for Viking DNA among Normandy residents riles anti-racism activists.    The Guardian
British scientists searching for evidence of Norse colonisation in the communities of the Cotentin peninsula warn of ‘sensitivities’ over the issue.

2015-06-10     Danske forskere omskriver historien: Europæerne blev født i bronzealderen    Videnskab DK
Med DNA fra 101 bronzealderskeletter omskriver danske forskere europæernes historie og viser, at europæere, som vi er i dag, i det store og hele blev skabt i bronzealderen, da et steppefolk indvandrede.

2015-06-05     Women have always made waves Here:    Reykjavik Grapevine
Unearthing the history of Iceland’s female sea workers.

2015-05-25     Irish and Scots may have been first to settle Iceland, researcher finds    Medievalists
It has long been believed that the first people to inhabit Iceland were the Norse settlers who arrived around the year 874 AD.

2015-05-20     http://historienet.no/sivilisasjoner/vikinger/vikingtiden-en-introduksjon-til-vikingenes-verden    Historie
Få en rask oversikt over vikingtokt, vikingskip og de viktigste vikingene med Histories guide til vikingtiden.

2015-05-20     Elfdalian, the Ancient Viking Forest Language of Sweden, Set to be Revived    Ancient Origins
The ancient Viking language of Elfdalian has been almost entirely wiped out, with only 2,500 people in a tiny forest community in Sweden currently keeping it alive.

2015-05-16     Vikings Traded First (Then Plundered), Study Suggests    Live Science
The Viking Age may not have started with the plundering of England, but with the peaceful trading of handcrafted combs made out of reindeer antlers, a new study suggests.

2015-05-15     Norwegian Vikings Cultivated Hemp    Thor News
On a secluded Iron Age farm in Southern Norway, archaeological findings show that it was common to cultivate cannabis in the Viking Age.

2015-05-12     Hvor la vikingskipene til på Borre?    VFK
Ny forskning avdekker havnen på kongssetet.

2015-05-09     Vikings Built This Amazing Green-Roofed Village 1000 Years Ago!    Inhabitat
When you think about Vikings, the first picture that might come to mind is one of fierce warriors wearing horned hats. But did you know that the storied Scandinavians were also avid builders of green-roofed homes?

2015-05-08     Brukte runer helt inn på 1900-tallet    Forskning.no
Normalt forbinder vi runealfabetet med vikingene. Men folk i Älvdalen i Sverige brukte runer for bare 100 år siden.

2015-05-07     The origins and usage of the Norse longboats    The Dockyards
During the early Middle Ages, when the Norsemen commenced their campaigns of conquest and plunder throughout much of Northern and Central Europe, a wide range of vessels were built by them in order to navigate on sea, rivers, oceans or channels.

2015-05-06     Fashionable Vikings loved colours, fur, and silk    Science Nordic
The Vikings were skilled warriors, traders, and explorers, but a more fashionable side might also have existed.

2015-05-06     Isoleret folk i Sverige brugte runer helt op i 1900-tallet    Videnskab DK
Normalt forbinder vi rune-alfabetet med vikingerne. Men i en fjern, isoleret egn i Sverige brugte man runer indtil for blot 100 år siden. Folk på egnen taler også deres helt eget sprog: Elvdalsk.

2015-04-30     Vikinglengsel    NRK
Å være moderne viking er en livsstil. Det gir meg balanse.

2015-04-29     Nyt bevis: Vikingetiden begyndte i Ribe    TV2 Danmark
Det kan være overraskende, hvor meget man rent faktisk kan bruge nogle godt 1300 år gamle takker fra et hjortegevir til.

2015-04-25     999 Years Since the Battle of Nesjar    ThorNews
Today, exactly 999 years ago, was the Battle of Nesjar which is considered the first accurate dated event in Norwegian history.

2015-04-20     Vikingatiden är hans livsstil    Magasin Ekerö
Nu ska Faravid bygga en vikingagård vid Ekerö centrum.

2015-04-20     Unikt runefund i centrum af Odense    Videnskab.dk
En runepind, som er fremstillet for 800 år siden, er blevet fundet i Odenses centrum. Fundet er helt unikt, lyder det fra forskerne.

2015-04-16     Europe invests in Viking heritage    Shetland News
Amenity Trust has been awarded €1.96 million (just over £1.4 million) from the EU Creative Europe Culture sub-programme for the transnational Follow the Vikings project.

2015-04-14     Mythical Viking Sunstones Aren't a Myth After All    Modern Notion
Scientists and historians have long puzzled over how Vikings navigated the mysteries of the Atlantic Ocean without compasses.

2015-04-13     Nyt fund viser: Der var vikinger på Lyø    fyens.dk
Detektorgruppen fra Harja Arkæologisk Forening gjorde i går mindst et superfund på Lyø.

2015-04-12     Jeppe, verdens første vikinglærer?!    Seljord FHS
Denne høsten starter Seljord folkehøgskole opp nok et fag som lever opp til mottoet "Lev ut drømmen i Seljord". Vi kjenner ikke til at faget viking er blitt tilbudt på noen skole tidligere.

2015-04-11     Sensationelt fund: Sølvbægre opdaget under detektortræf    TV Øst
Metaldetektor-entusiaster kan ikke få armene ned efter et fund af otte mindre drikkebægre i sølv, der formentlig hører til det oprindelige Fejø-bæger.

2015-04-08     Rare Thor’s Hammer Found in Central Norway    Thor News
Recently, Magne Øksnes found something quite unique with metal detector on the Flekstad farm in Steinkjer, Central Norway: A beautiful Thor’s hammer Viking Age pendant of silver in excellent condition.

2015-03-30     Viking Village Film Set    Atlas Obscura
This replica Viking village was created for a film that was never shot and is now open to visitors.

2015-03-26     Archaeologist Find Axe With Marks of Rurik    Slavorum
Expedition of the Institute of Archaeology have been opened and studied the remains of a medieval burial ground burial mounds near the village of Shekshovo in Suzdal.

2015-03-18     Found Viking Age Artifact with Faces and Swastika    Thor News
Håkon Huse made a unique discovery with metal detector in Holmedal in Kvinnherad, Western Norway: An object with two faces and a swastika.

2015-03-18     Why was a 9th century Viking woman buried with a ring that says ‘for Allah’ on it?    The Washington Post
In the modern-era, Scandinavian countries have become known for their sometimes awkward embrace of migrants from the Arab and Muslim world.

2015-03-15     Vikingapussel läggs i Uppsala    UNT.se
De döda var klädda i sidendräkter när de begravdes i båtgravarna i Valsgärde norr om Uppsala. Nu ska forskare rekonstruera dräkterna och ta reda på mer om människorna som begravdes i dem.

2015-02-25     Vikingkvinnene som forsvann    kjonnsforskning.no
Kvinnene i vikingtida var viktige samfunnsaktørar, langt utover husfrue- og morsrolla. Kvifor er det knapt nemnt i historiebøkene?

2015-02-14     Found Islamic Coins Hidden Inside Viking Age Shield Boss    Thor News
In August 2014 a hobby archaeologist found a Viking Age sword with metal detector in a field in Skaun, just south of Trondheim in Central Norway.

2015-02-05     Use of Runes Survived Introduction of Christianity    Thor News
The year is 1023 and Christianity is introduced as the official state religion of Norway by Olav the Holy.

2015-02-04     From Thor to Odin: a guide to the Norse gods    The Guardian
As Iceland prepares to build its first temple to the Norse gods since the Viking age, we look at the deities that will be worshipped, including an amoral trickster and the blue ruler of the underworld.

2015-02-02     Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods since Viking age    The Guardian
A modern version of Norse paganism has been gaining popularity in recent years as followers see the stories as metaphors for life not worship of the gods.

2015-01-10     Vikingerne mistede rusen i Island    Jyllands-Posten
Vikingehøvdinge i Island fortsatte de skandinaviske traditioner med at afholde drukfester for at udvise magt og drive politik. Men klimaet satte i 1200-tallet en stopper for festen.

2015-01-06     Nytt vikingfunn i Eiker    Buskerud Fylkeskommune
Daniel Iliev Ødegård fra Hokksund fant verdifull og svært sjelden kirkekunst fra Irland med metalldetektor i en åker.

2015-01-06     Oppsiktsvekkende vikingfunn i Eiker    Drammens Tidende
Daniel Iliev Ødegård (27) fant verdifull og sjelden kirkekunst fra Irland i Hokksund.

2015-01-02     Gravfund afslører: Norske vikinger var blandt de første i Storbritannien    Videnskab.dk
Vikinger fra Norge var mere rejselystne end de fleste.

2015-01-01     A day in the life of Viking Ireland    Irish Examiner
A new book offer unrivalled insight into life in the 9th century. Clodagh Finn turns the clock back.